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In the comment box, tell me your can be long, short, and anonymous. I'll start things off with a recent nightmare that I had.

I woke up with my finger in my mouth, trying to pick something out of my front tooth. At the time I didn't think much of it. But the more my fingers dug around my mouth, the more I begun to wake up. During the not fully wake and unconscious stage my mind was telling me to get the hairy spiders leg out of my tooth. I kept working my fingers around my mouth, trying to dig out the spiders leg. Then suddenly I woke up and realized I'd just swallowed a fucking spider, and my brain was trying to get the remains of it out of my tooth. One hairy leg curled around and sat hooked outside of my lower lip. I was a little freaked out. OK I was a lot freaked out. When I actually woke up, fully aware that I had actually swallowed a spider, I rushed off to the bathroom and washed my mouth out.

Now your turn...let us all hear about your nightmares.

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