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Horror Movies I Like

Horror’s today are just not cutting it for me. Perhaps I’ve developed an immunity towards them? Perhaps it is just how they are designed, created, poorly made? Whatever the reason I am not getting what I want from them. It is what led me to become an author, to write the horror I want to see in movies, inside of my books. I want to be scared. I want to experience jump scenes and damn it, it just isn’t happening? So I write that stuff into my books, so I can gross you out, cause vomit inducing moments, make you sleep with the light on, rise the hair behind your neck, arms and legs to prick you a scalpel, to give you characters that you want to see live and or die and to give you the reader something to talk about in years to come. What about you? If you think of a horror movie, do you get scared? Do you jump? Is your stomach churning acid like a volcano?

Horror is not all about blood and guts, though that shit is desired, in particular I desire it. I thrive off of it. I want to see more gore and be grossed out that my face literally turns from the screen, as I say out loud: Ow Gross! But it has to be done right, a story is needed too, with great characters, without that it just turns into a sloppy gore-fest of blood and guts and that then is another turn off.

If we travel back in time to the 80’s as a viewer we were given some pretty incredible movies. Movies that held the attention of viewers based on scare factor plus gore and the jump scares. Movies like:

Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, hell even Jaws had some impact. It certainly scared a many children into timid water babies, no longer the strength and power to go blindly into an ocean, no way. That movie provoked fear to the point where phobias were born.

Anyways I’m not here to talk about they why’s and why not's, I’m here to list some of my favorite horror movies, and then I want you to add your own with an explanation into why it is your favorite.

In no particular order here is my list.

Friday the 13th

Nightmare on Elm Street

Wolf Creek (All of them) including the TV series (That was epic)

The Hills Have Eyes (All of them)

The Cabin In The Woods

Evil Dead (All of them) Including the TV series (Ash Vs Evil) Soooooooo good!

The Thing


The Ring


Don't Breathe


Wrong Turn (All of them) Soooooooooooo good

The Grudge

Silent Hill (2006)


There is of course a multitude more movies, but I can’t list them all. These are just a few of my favorites. In truth I also have forgotten the names of the many I’ve seen in the past, I am sure you could list a great deal more, and I am likely to read through your list and be sparked with reminders. I’ll sit here and go – yeah man, that one, oh and that one, oh shit yes, that one too. So go for it, name the movies over the years that you like, we probably like the same ones :)

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