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Top 10 INSANELY Violent Horror Movies

I personally don't agree with all of the movies listed below. Some are for sure violent, gross (My favorite is gross) lol but some of these I'm about to show you weren't scary for me. How about you? What scares you? Tell me your top rated movie or book?

TOP 5 - Most DISTURBING Upcoming Horror Movies 2017 (OFFICIAL TRAILERS)


Best Horror Movies 2018 | Best Horror Movies 2017 - 2018

I have to say that the movie called 'The Darkness' looks great, and it has Kevin Bacon in it, and yes I'm a fan lol I just hope it lives up to the trailer and turns out to be something epic for 2018 :)

If you know of any new videos out that you'd like to share then please send me a message with the URL and I will upload it on my blog with your name :)

Don't forget to check under your bed, for you never know what monsters are lurking...

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