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The Pros and Cons of the Zombie Apocalypse

Watching the world die!

You see yourself standing at the edge of a busted, falling apart building. You are watching the world being devoured by monsters. Death, it is all around you. The city you once knew, is literally being destroyed. After the destruction, the very threat is still imminent. Now you are on the run, hunting for shelter, food, and people who are not going to kill you just for sport. And now, you face a greater task, leading a band of survivors, they entrust you to lead them away from danger, and into a new world. What would you do?

I am biased, why? Because I love the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse. I feel I would survive. I'd have a good time trying. Maybe that's the inner sick twisted me, but yeah I'm all about Zombies. Or rather I'm all about starting fresh! Or am I delusional, lets find out.

But, a few, a great deal more than a few are not on that wave length. The very idea of a Zombie Apocalypse causes anxious behavior riddled with fear. Those kinds of people, could be you? your neighbor or hell even your mother-in-law.

What ever your beliefs, for or against. An Apocalypse of some sort could be a lot closer than we all like to agree on.

Pro: A New Beginning. No matter who you were before the end of days (Or whatever it is that you are calling it), You now have the best opportunity to change who you are. You were socially impaired in someway or other? But... Now... you’re a smart, fearless leader. You had a criminal history perhaps? Now that's wiped clean. You get to start fresh, be whoever you want to be, no one will know right?

Whatever you want is now yours. But are you willing to kill for it? Fight for it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to have a few cans of beans? A sip of water? Shelter for the night? could you actually take out that family? to feed your hungry belly?

You are now your own boss! you call the shots. But could you really?

You can relocate yourself, members of a team you've acquired to a farming area, regrow produce, have fresh running water and build a fortress of protection, start new, with everything... but could you... really do that? You now have a new beginning, a new life. You and your surviving group are earth's only hope.

That kind of responsibility is enormous are you up for that task? Being king to your new land and people?

Oh sure the idea is brilliant, no more shit-heads cutting you off on the roads, no more wars, no more fighting in line for the ultimate bargain. Nothing to worry about other than real life monsters? Is this really a (Con or a Pro?)

Con: Every single person you ever loved is dead! Dying in an excruciating way. The others who were eaten alive, shred by shred. They are the unlucky one's. They will suffer greatly, Hearing there own bones breaking, watching themselves be torn apart, spilling guts and re-branding the earth in a new coat of paint. But they get to be alive, in a way. They are now a reanimated corpse hell bent on repopulating the zombie species. Doomed to wander aimlessly, forced to become the very creatures that changed them. As they wonder the decaying lands, will you be the one that ends them? Put a bullet through the heads of those creatures? A knife through the skulls of creatures what were once human?

How many of you will hesitate when you are forced to murder the very one you recognize as your own mother, father, brother, sister or friend? Murder is murder right, so how many of you will live your days out filled with guilt? Not only did you fail to save the ones you loved, but you had to be the one to end them. Could you be faced with suicidal thoughts? Would you/could you turn that weapon upon yourself with the masses of guilt running through your veins?

If you get passed the guilt, and somehow manage to overcome the grief of taking your loved one's out with a kitchen knife. A gun, A chainsaw, or hell even a knitting needle. How will you beat the odds of finding food? Fresh water? And shelter? Who will you trust, will your sudden new friends become your enemies?

The music, movies, life's treasured amenities is all taken away, No more electricity, no more running water, no more fresh flowers. It is all gone! The biggest issue you are struggling with is (NO INTERNET) that's right it too has gone. What will you do without it? Could you survive without social media? Shopping on line? Watching video's? Listening to music? Playing on line games? Chatting and wasting hours browsing? All GONE!

What about creature comforts? All of it gone too!

So do you still hope for this kind of hell? Do you think you will be the one to survive? All of this being said, I think I prefer the world to carry on, my love of zombies isn't enough to want it for real, is your's?

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