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Something Wicked

Here is where you can see a mash up of different 'Horror' related stuff. I will be adding images, video's and a place where you can add your own cool horror stuff. Welcome to my blog, lets get horrified! The images are not my own. They are found on the Internet, so if you recognize them please give credit to the creator by letting me know so I can do just that :) Thank you.

My Favorite horror movies of 2016 was Hush and Don't Breathe. Both of

those were proper horror movies. Some of the stuff being produced is utter crap, am I right or am I right? Seriously I have not found something worthy of being scared, no jump scenes, nothing. The gore and special FX is always awesome and nothing beats the latest Special FX. But as far as being scared. I've yet to find something that can scare me. So if you know of a really terrifying, truly horrifying that will actually give me nightmares then, hey man, let me know :)

Wolf Creek totally gets a mention, it is wicked in the best sense of the word ever! It wasn't scary in that way, but it sure in hell was epic. Who's with me on this? Come on, speak up and let me know if this got your horror juices flowing :)

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